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Chaos 3D MMORPG Browser Game

Chaos online moba is a 3D casual MMORPG that places the player into the jungle and mountainous regions.
The two nations have entirely different characteristics, as the inhabitants of Chaos use weapons while the inhabitants of Hero use magic to combat. Heroes lives near the forest and valleys while the people lives of mountains. Players can choose a class such as a masterful swordsman, skilled archer, or powerful magician, and they will find themselves at odds with an adversarial nation, as well as have copious amounts of monsters to battle.

I will be very honest as to say I did not enjoy the graphics or sound of this game at all. Unoriginal 3D graphics and mediocre background music-needless to say, I was not too impressed. The graphics and sound were both very bland, the sound being barely present or just plainly obnoxious, and the graphics being very outdated and repetitive. However, the style of graphics attracts its players; it is well enjoyed and also allows players with lower end computers to play the game on full settings, without suffering from serious lag constraints. This proves to be the most useful during the more large-scaled State Wars. The music can easily be muted and replaced for one's personal playlist, which is what I would highly recommend, unless you wish to leave the sound on during important battles or events.
The controls are easy to use but hard to master. As you rise in rank, new fighting combos become available to you, opening up even more possible ways to slay your enemies. Perform intricate aerial assaults, for instance, timing your combos just right to create chain attacks that maximize your damage.

The truly diabolical can even take on the role of the Chaos Hero himself and wreak havoc on friends in both local and online co-op. The player may choose his selection of unlockable minions, spells, and special boss monsters to summon during battle. Players may even take control of the campaign’s boss, utilizing its abilities to decimate invading heroes. For added flair players can push the button and let their sinister cackle reverberate throughout the land.
Chaos Official Site: http://www.joybit.com/